DamnDealDone Live A Bau


Psychedelic nuanced Classic Rock. The band story of DamnDealDone is actually a long one though the name of the latest line-up exists only since the early days of 2023. It all started in the early 1990’s with Everyday Zulu, later on transitioned step by step from Clanrock and Atomic Barnie into DamnDealDone. Caroline Clement recently replaced Woody Bruns on vocals who, after 25 years loyal services decided to quit to dedicate more time to his other band project. Due to Caroline’s distinctive voice the band takes a more agressive stance while integrating aspects of psychedelic nuance into their compositions. Thus DamnDealDone is on the road, definitively. Check out for their gigs, it‘ll be worth it. DamnDealDone are: Caroline Clement, Vocals, Theremin / ex-Ophidian Aender Thilges, Guitars, Ex-Nazz Nazz, ex-Everyday Zulu, ex-Clanrock Max Frantzen, Bass, ex-Ophidian, ex-Everyday Zulu, ex-Clanrock René Portante, Drums, Percussion, ex-Thorax, , ex-Everyday Zulu, ex-Clanrock